Breezy began with only a handful of hard-working and passionate staff. Their enthusiasm quickly caught attention, and word spread to suppliers and venues. Soon, they were receiving calls with a common message: “Let’s work together!” All of Breezy’s early growth stemmed from word-of-mouth referrals, and they were astounded by the volume of work that came their way. The dedication given to clients and the support received in return led to their current business model: creating a personalised service for each client based on their specific needs. To achieve this, Breezy knew they needed to be hands-on from the initial booking to being on-site, working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients. Throughout their journey, Breezy has maintained the same values they started with and have no plans to change. To date, Breezy has successfully completed over 2,000 events and couldn’t be prouder of their diligent team.

Creating a user journey that reflects the company’s ethos of simplicity, efficiency, and reliability

Breezy Event Services removes the legwork out of event management by taking care of all your staffing, deliveries, and production management needs. We wanted to create a seamless user journey that is as effective as it is straightforward, as showcased in this website redesign case study. Breezy Event Services is a one-stop shop for event staffing in the UK. The company draws on decades of experience to streamline every step of the event management process and deliver at the highest level. With over 200 successful events completed, Breezy decided it was time for a website redesign.


Breezy Event Services came to us seeking a clear direction for their website design and user experience to enhance customer conversion. They needed us to create a brand identity that showcases the company’s scale and reflects the simplicity offered in its service suite. 
Our task was to design a user experience that would be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, guiding visitors through their trip and converting them into loyal customers.


We collaborated with Breezy Event Services’ technical team to develop a ground-up strategy for representing the brand visually. Key deliverables include:


  • A sleek, visually appealing UI.
  • Prioritising website design for lead gen optimisation.
  • A seamless UX with dynamic images.
  • Demand generation funnel optimisation.
  • An accessible, customisable interface that makes it easy to publish content.

We also addressed issues like an unreliable CMS, sales pipeline automation, and B2B lead gen optimisation.

How we did it

We developed a brand identity using modern aesthetics and animated interactive elements. This includes a dynamic, intuitive user interface that works responsively on all devices. We also showcased Breezy Event Services’ successes, highlighted case studies, and optimised the website for search engines to improve online visibility and attract potential clients.
The website has a consistent brand image after being renovated without sacrificing any SEO performance or legacy. We presented Breezy Event Services’ product offering to increase its attractiveness to website visitors while optimising the user experience.


We like to identify bottlenecks as early as possible in the user journey, taking every care to optimise the UX behind the scenes.

– Minifcation of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files to reduce file size.
– Optimisation of images through compression and lazy loading techniques.
– Utilisation of browser caching to store static resources for faster subsequent visits.
– Implementation of Content Delivery Network (CDN) for efficient content distribution.
– Reduction of server response time through server-side optimisations.


Many companies fall short when building their website by presenting too many options to visitors. Breezy makes life simple for its customers, so we wanted that to be the case from their very first interaction. We broke down the core services into four distinct pillars to enhance the user experience:
– Event Staff
– Site & Production Management
– Event Deliveries
– Equipment Hire

Modular Design

One of our key deliverables was to make the website easy to manage. We achieved this by creating a streamlined, modular design that’s highly customisable. Breezy Event Services wanted us to make it as simple as possible to publish content, so we developed a simple portal for content management.


The dynamic animations used throughout the website create a unified, hospitable brand and product image. Cascading images perfectly highlight the team and tell visitors what the company is all about.


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