As a leading fintech company in payment innovation for airlines and other industries, CellPoint Digital was seeking to accelerate their lead generation efforts. Our team had the pleasure of partnering with them to help transform their website into a powerful tool for generating new leads and revenue.

$5 million in pipeline through inbound marketing


CellPoint Digital, a fintech leader in payment innovation for airlines and other markets, was facing several challenges in their lead generation efforts. They had no defined SEM strategy, a new website but no inbound strategy, and were looking to scale lead generation globally. Moreover, they were not using HubSpot correctly for attribution.


Elevate partnered with CellPoint Digital to turn their website into a lead generation machine. The team combined SEO and PPC strategies, provided HubSpot marketing consultancy, and focused on data-driven content creation to achieve the desired results.

The results

3000% increase in Google Rankings in 6 months: Elevate applied their SEO theory to CellPoint Digital’s website, resulting in impressive results in terms of awareness and organic visibility.

300% increase in PPC Conversions: Elevate’s PPC strategists achieved a 300% increase in the number of conversions generated through Google Ads.

Over $5 million in pipeline generated: The combination of SEO and PPC resulted in an additional $5 million in revenue being added to CellPoint Digital’s pipeline.

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