We were approached by Codat, a prominent FinTech company based in the UK, to assist them in devising an inbound marketing strategy and increasing user registrations for their SaaS platform as they aim to expand their services in the APAC and USA regions.

300% Increase in Conversions through Inbound Marketing Strategy


Codat lacked a defined inbound marketing strategy to drive sign-ups for their SaaS platform. They had no conversion tracking (attribution) in place, no SEO-focused content, and their Google Ads account prioritized content over high-intent terms.


Our team implemented a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that included Google Analytics 4 implementation, managed SEO, copywriting, and Google Ads. They focused on prioritizing high-intent terms in the re-built Google Ads account and implemented goal tracking for key sign-up events along with micro-conversions such as button clicks across Codat’s website using Google Tag Manager and GA4.

The results

Codat saw some quick improvements in conversions and CTR. They achieved a 200% increase in CTR and a 300% increase in conversions. By prioritizing high-intent terms in their Google Ads account and creating solution-aware landing pages with SEO-focused content, Codat was able to attract more qualified leads and drive sign-ups for their SaaS platform.

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